Keep Your Discord's Attention

Send time-sensitive announcements via SMS and Telegram in a matter of seconds to make sure your community sees your messages.

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3 %

Discord Open Rate

99.9 %

SMS Open Rate

86 %

Telegram Open Rate

*Percentage open rates based on platform-wide averages. Actual open rates may vary.

When Speed Matters, You Have Sense

In seconds of setting up Sense in your Discord, people can subscribe to alerts from you via Telegram or SMS (Pro plan).

Send out NFT mint alerts, Trading Signals, Going Live messages, and more.

Now your community will see your alerts, real-time, even if they aren't on Discord.

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With our Autorole feature, Sense will automatically give your Sense subscribers a role on your server. Perfect for integrating with Zealy, Subber, and more.

Simply type /sense autorole and follow the prompts to get started.

Imagine Your Discord Community Actually Seeing Your Announcements

Everybody reads their text messages. 99% of all texts are opened (and 97% are opened within 15 minutes).

It’s a similar story with Telegram messages, which see an 86% open rate.

Discord push notifications? A whopping 3%.

By enabling Sense, your Discord members can subscribe to SMS or Telegram alerts in a matter of seconds.

It's important to mention that you can only send Sense alerts to those who have given you permission to (by subscribing).

Once you enroll your community in a better way to receive major updates, Sense will be the most effective way, by a longshot, to keep your audience informed.

Makes Sense, right?
Add to Discord
Make announcements with ease right within Discord

Perfect for:

Twitch Streams
Twitter Spaces
Trade Alerts
Live Events
NFT Mints
And more!

Sense Reviews Hear from Our Customers

Projects sleeping on Sense will get left in the dust. Ignore at your own peril.


Sense solves the problem of Discord annoyance. Gamechanger.


It's so f'in smooth and easy. If you're in a project or on a team, demand it. Affordable and painless.

Liberty Square

Wow, it's very fast! I got the Sense alert before I even saw it in Discord.

Sense User

OK, this is actually dope. I usually miss a lot of alpha because I'm at school, but not any longer!!

Sense User

Missing out on NFT mints used to be a huge problem, especially because I work. Sense solves this.

Sense User

I bloody love it! Siri even reads it to me automatically so I don't even need to take my phone out of my pocket.

Sense User

Sense was very easy to set up, and our response rate has gone through the roof. We're fans!


Sense is the tool I was looking for. I can now make sure my community actually sees my announcements.

Joe Shmoes

Sense is amazing!! I'm glad I can finally get notifs straight to text.

Sense User

So Easy You Could Set It Up Blindfolded


Step #1

To get started, just click “Add to Discord”.

Step #2

Sense automatically creates 4 channels.

# 🔔 | get-alerts Where your users can subscribe in seconds.
# 📨 | send-alerts Where you can send mass alerts as easily as posting a Discord announcement.
# 🪵 | sense-logs A breakdown of recent activity, such as new subscribers and message logs.
# 💳 | sense-billing Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Sense plan without leaving Discord.
Step #3

Enroll your community.

We wrote a sample announcement for you to copy and paste. Click “Copy” below to copy it to your clipboard.

that it

Anybody can do it, whether they’re technical or not.


10,000+ Discord users have signed up for Sense.

Membership Plans

Pick a plan that’s right for you.


500Telegram Credits
Included Lifetime


2000Telegram Credits
Only Unlimited Additional Telegram Credits @ $7 per 1,000


5,000 Telegram Credits +
1,000 SMS Credits
& Unlimited Additional Credits @ $7 per 1,000 Telegram + $16 per 1,000 SMS
*SMS is supported in 35 countries, including the US and Canada. See the FAQ for a list of which countries we currently support and their pricing. **For large messaging needs, please contact us below about our Enterprise options.

The billing is done through Discord. Follow the instructions in the # 💳 | sense-billing Discord channel after you add the bot.

Sense is Secure

Sense was created by Discord managers with security top-of-mind. Sense doesn't require admin or role permissions like many other bots. It requires only the bare-minimum permissions for easy setup and reliable delivery.

Sense has been fully verified by Discord, so it'll work with virtually any Discord security tool in existence.

  • No admin permissions
  • No role permissions
  • Basic messaging permissions
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Here’s What The Community Had To Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Because messaging rates vary by platform, carrier, and country, we created a straightforward credit system to enable worldwide Telegram coverage and international SMS across 35 countries. Here's how message credits work:

Telegram Credits:
For Lite and Pro Members. Flat rate worldwide. Available everywhere.

  • 1 Telegram message = 1 Telegram credit
    • 2,000 Telegram credits per month included in Lite Plan
    • 5,000 Telegram credits per month included in Pro Plan
If you exceed the monthly credits included in your plan, you'll be auto-billed $7 per each 1,000 additional Telegram credits. Unused credits do not roll over to subsequent months.

SMS Credits:
Pro Members only. Rates vary by country. Available in 35 countries.

Once you send your first SMS message of the month, you'll be auto-billed $16 for 1,000 SMS credits. Use Sense as much as you wish, and you'll be automatically topped-up in increments of 1,000 SMS credits. Unused credits do not roll over to subsequent months.

Each plan is valid for a single Discord server. If you want Sense in multiple servers, you'll need a subscription for each server.

Yes. You can cancel anytime in the #sense-billing channel inside your Discord server. When you cancel, you will no longer be able to send Sense alerts. You can re-activate your plan anytime.

No, but you can try Sense for free with our Free plan, which gives you 500 Telegram credits. You can also cancel whenever you want, no questions asked.

Yes. Payments are handled through Stripe, a payment processor trusted by millions of companies worldwide.

I’ve got another question. Where can I get help?

No problem at all. Just head to our Support Discord, create a ticket, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.